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Every platform nourishes artists -- an interview with this year’s Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer Alice Ma
Text: Yama

/Ma is a very ‘pragmatic’ dance artist. Her way to become sure of her creative direction is by building milestones through creating more and more work. Right after graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as a dance major, Ma took every performance opportunity she had, even appearing in drama productions. There is nothing better than participating in a performance for artists to learn about the different aspects of their abilities. Hence, a performance platform that offers complete freedom is the perfect space for a young choreographer to mature.

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藝術新秀奬專訪 2021

Dans gives me the wisdom and alternative perspective appreciate the world as well as my own body,
I hope people would be do delighted in the same way to open the door to a new World./


<當代舞 四代人> 如果我的語言是舞蹈 馬師雅:一個社會是不可以沒有藝術


香港電台31 - 好想藝術


她在獨舞,亦是與時代共舞。 馬師雅 Alice喜歡創作具實驗性的當代舞演出,以身體探討人性與社會現狀,亦為內心深處最歇斯底里的情感尋找出口。 編舞創作讓她一步一步留下屬於自己的成長印記。從若隱若存的足印中,她不斷尋覓節奏與方向,並決意以自己的步伐,與時代一同前行。



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